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Absolutely charming graphic style and sound effects. The concept is pretty hilarious too lol.

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That was super awesome. I loved the mention of the time that it took and shift between rooms with each year. And the brief changes in style. It was super cool. The song fit very well too!

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i love the thickness of tone in all your instruments and the heavy grove laid by the drums. everything just sounds so powerful. militaristic even. like a really groovy military. the breakdowns are good too! if i was to have one qualm it would be that i have no qualms haha. just when i wanted new stuff to happen at about 4 minutes it went and damn happened. so good work sir! all around

While i wasn't taken to italy by this music per-say (or at least not an italy with more than 8 bits of processing power) and the title is borderline offensive. I super enjoy this track. I am a lover of chip songs myself, and the music here mega catchy. nice arpeggios; melodic based progression -- all the best things in chip music (and that killer simple tone :3) good work man!

jefvel responds:

Yay, thanks!
I will try to improve my music making skills to make even better chiptunes in the future!

very energetic bass and synth design. it's trancy and dancy :) . the development is pretty good too. I was surprised at how much you kept my attention while changing the measure to measure structure so little in the moment to moment experience. i think it was because you had so much stuff happening at once. in any case good job!

HappyHype responds:

I am super glad to hear that! Thank you sir! hope you are having a great summer so far! :)

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